Need To Save Money On Lighting and Power? Then You Need KiwiLeds

At KiwiLeds we want to help Kiwis to save money, so we’re here to provide the latest technology in LED lighting at the most competitive prices.

Why LED lightbulbs?

  • LEDs save you money! They produce more light and use 92% less power than traditional light bulbs, and they last up to 15 times longer – saving you on lighting and power costs.
  • LEDs produce little or no heat compared to traditional bulbs – so they are safer.
  • LEDs are made from a solid material, making them much more durable than traditional light bulbs.
  • LEDs are smaller and more adaptive than traditional bulbs – allowing for more creative and elaborate lighting.
  • LEDs are more directional in the way they produce light and are perfect as spotlights and for dramatic lighting.
  • LEDs are as powerful on battery power as they are on electricity, making them perfect as temporary lighting for any situation.



We Guarantee Quality That Lasts – And If It Doesn’t We Replace At No Cost.

We import quality LED lightbulbs from trusted sources and straight off the production line – which means we apply a lower markup than most retail outlets. Because we want the very best outcome for all our customers, we are happy to be flexible and can customise packages for electricians and anyone in the electrician and lighting industry. And if our LED lightbulbs don’t last for as long as we say they will, we’ll replace them at no cost.

New “Power Calculation” App – Watch This Space!

Although initially more expensive than traditional light bulbs, LEDs save you money in the long term because they use 92% less energy and they last 15 times longer. At KiwiLeds, we are excited to be in the process of developing a “calculation app” that will be launched on our website in coming weeks – by entering the number of traditional light bulbs that provide you with lighting on a daily basis, the app will be able to calculate exactly how much money you would save if you switched to KiwiLeds LED light bulbs – you’ll be amazed!

Daylight Saving Is Upon Us – Make The Switch Now!

Don’t forget that it’s daylight saving time is here – time to set the clocks back and get ready for the long winter nights ahead, the perfect time to make the switch to LEDs!

Contact KiwiLeds today – and make your world better, brighter and friendlier!